About Us

Since the founding of SEHWA Corporation (former name of SEHWA Screen Co., Ltd.) in 1981, SEHWA Screen Co., Ltd. has been born again as the printing company that meets the contemporary needs of rapidly changing print market for “higher and faster” trendand contributing to the needs of customers advancing toward to the global market. SEHWA VINA Co., Ltd. -A local corporation, was established in February, 2004 at Vietnam for providing high quality goods in time to the clients.

SEHWA Screen Co., Ltd. has 500 local employees and engineers with expertise. They are always standing products to deliver in time. Furthermore, the company is entirely ready for an immediate response to instant alteration in design, color and the like.

Together with SEHWA Screen Co., Ltd. and SEHWA VINA Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) devote the best quality products to customers fulfilling their needs. We always deliver our products on time.Following with the 21st century, we constantly investin automation system.

We appreciate for your continuous support and taking an interest in SEHWA Screen Co., Ltd. and SEHWA VINA Co., Ltd. (Vietnam). We assure you providing the top quality products at all time.

Thank you for your countless support and encouragement.