Puff inkMixing Puff adhesive with other ink gives three-dimensional printed ink film after a curing. It gives the print with depth.
Crack ink Having an antique feeling on printed ink film. It gives a similar effect as scratching on the print
Foil Printing glue on fabric. Foil lies down on an exact position over the glue after heat pressing process. It gives foil’s vivid colors, patterns, finishes, and textures.
Highdensity With several printing on the print, this results in an opaque, durable, three-dimensional print that adds texture & depth to your graphic.
Sol & Highdensity Printing highdensity technique on printed Plastisol ink on printed Plastisol ink, it gives the print two different level of depth.
Foil & Puff Printing glue with foil over puff ink, it gives a feeling of metallic effect on printing.
Mix Glitter A decorative, high-gloss material added to a printing ink to produce a sparkling effect on the printed ink film.
Chunky Glitter Printing glue on fabric, spraying glitter on it. It has more sparkling effect than Mix Glitter.
Caviar Using Caviar (tiny beads look like Caviar) with glue. Giving beads effects on printed ink film.
Water Base Water Base ink penetrates into textile. It is environmentally friendly, super soft hand feel, which makes them perfect for a wide variety of printing applications.
Halftone Print Using gradation technique, it gives a three dimensional effect with shades.
Line Highdensity Printing each color lines with highdensity, it empathize textile pattern.
Flocking The process of applying very short, dyed fibers of rayon, cotton, wool, or other natural or synthetic material to an adhesive-coated surface with a high frequency to impart a velvet- or velour-like texture to a surface.
Stone By using a motif panel, stone can be implemented with high temperature press. It comes with many different material.
Metal Highdensity Printing metallic ink on printed highdensity technique, it gives the shine effect on the printed ink film.
Clear Ink Print Using glossy base on a highdensity, it has shiny surface effect on print.
Highdensity Foil With circle pattern transparent foil on highdensity, it give a sculptural effect.
Water Base & Flocking Over printed each color with water-base ink, flocking-Dyed fibers of rayon, cotton, wool or other natural or synthetic material to an adhesive-coated surface with high frequency. Impartinga velvet- or velour- like texture to a surface.
Hologram Clear Foil Hologram clear foil gives the print eye-catching effects. Any kinds of prints under hologram clear foil become surreal.
Crystal Silicon Crystal Silicon over a silicon print enhances shinny effect on the print. It makes the print neat and shiny.